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Default Philips N1500 Drum Cord.

Hi all,

I've managed to get hold of a Philips N1500 VCR from a fellow member on here, so far I've replaced the broken plastic threading cog/gear, cleaned all of the black belt goo off the pulleys and fitted new belts.
When I switch it on the head drum spins and rotates into position as it should but when I switch it off the drum doesn't rotate fully back to the off position, I have to help it slightly. I've noticed that the threading cord is a little slack.

How do I tighten the cord, or if possible, take it off and re-thread it?

Other than that, the tape transport works but I can't get any picture or sound output from it as my TV doesn't find the rf signal. I'll be getting some more n1500 tapes next week so I'll try those.

Many thanks,
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