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Default Re: Any other plug collectors out there?

The Legrand plugs also come with a range of different branding: back in the late-70s my parents bought an 'Electra' fridge-freezer from the MEB (Midlands Electricity Board) showroom and it came with a white Legrand plug whose cover was marked Electra. 'Electra' was the in-house brand-name for appliances supplied by the old Electricity Boards.

Its slimline-ness was a benefit because it let the appliance be pushed that extra half an inch back into its recess before hitting the plug.

As well as Electra-branded Legrands, I've seen MANWEB (Mersey And North Wales Electricity Board) and SEEBOARD (South Eastern Electricity Board) ones, and one with the MoD 'broad arrow'.
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