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Default Peel-Conner Candlestick Phone

I thought I was buying a GPO150, but what I have says 'Manufactured by Peel-Conner Telephone Works Coventry England' on the sleeve at the top of the stick. It came with a Bell box marked on the back G.P.O. E30/P34 No 1A. Unsurprisingly, as such, there is no ASTIC or Condenser in the box. It has a No10 dial. The phone had allegedly been adapted to work on a modern line, but was not functioning. It had clearly been gathering rust and dust for some time, but it did have a modern jack fitted and wires added everywhere.

There are several peculiarities. The hook switch is single contact, though the rest of the guts look identical to a 150. The receiver has a single round coil, rather than the expected two oval coils and is not magnetic (the diaphragm just falls out). The dial only has connections to the three screws on the right, when they are viewed at the top of the mechanism. The two left screws were unused.

I found a circuit diagram for a Peel-Conner desk phone which only had two wires from Phone to bell box, and had the single hook switch contact. It simply put the DC from the lines across the microphone and receiver in series. This would presumably have energised the receiver. Do I stand a chance of getting it working properly?

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