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Default Re: Philips N4515 Operating Manual

Really, it's just like a cassette recorder. There are two main differences. Firstly, the PLAY button may not go down by itself when you press RECORD, so you might need to use two fingers. Secondly, you always have to go through STOP when changing from fast wind /rewind to play or back.

If there is a switch for MUSIC / SPEECH / MANUAL then the machine has automatic level control. If not, then the recording level needs to be set manually. The recording level will be set using the volume control if there isn't a separate control for recording level, and indicated either by a meter, or by a "magic eye" valve -- keep the needle out of the red zone or the two lit zones barely meeting except on the loudest passages, as appropriate. If the level is set too high, you will get distortion; too low, and the recording will be lost in static and power hum. Make a few test recordings, watching the indicating device, until you get a feel for it.

If there is a switch for 1/4 and 3/2, then that means you have a 4-track recorder. This can fit two tracks on each side of the tape; one side carries the odd-numbered tracks, and the other side carries the even-numbered tracks. See diagram below:
>>>>>1>>>>>1>>>>>>1>>>>> ##[]##
<<2<<<<<<2<<<<<2<<<<<2<< ######
>>>>>3>>>>>3>>>>>>3>>>>> ##[]##
<<4<<<<<<4<<<<<4<<<<<4<< ######
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