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Default Re: Homebrew Valve Tester

I made the PCB myself using photosensitive board and inkjet film for the transparancy. I used an old DOS version of boardmaker to produce the layout and diagrams. Holes drilled using a hobby pillar drill.
The front panel was produced using MS Publisher and this was fronted using 4mm perspex.
TR1 is an MPSA92, TR2/4 are BUZ80, TR3/5 are MPSA42.
I will post photos of the top panel after Xmas (I doubt anyone will be doing much tomorrow), and also PCB tracking and layouts if anyone is interested.
Incidentally, I forgot to mention that the 9 switches on the top panel are used to configure the pins inthe same way AVO do it, in fact the numbering corresponds to the AVO CT160 configuration. 1 = cathode, 2/3 = heaters, 4 = grid etc.
The only tools I used were normal hand tools, power drill and Q Max cutters for the valve bases.
I hope that answers your questions.
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