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Default Re: NVCF Warwickshire Sunday 12th May

Originally Posted by Dave Moll View Post
Thanks for the link. Looking at the route, I can't see how it would impact uopn my journey, but motorway roadworks may be another matter. There are, however, always "smart" motorway roadworks somewhere along the M6, so I'm used to them. In the forty-odd years that I've been driving up and down the M6, I can remember only one journey totally free of roadworks!

I am familiar with the M42/M40 route through Leamington Spa - and used to go that way before I discovered the other route.
Dave -I only mentioned it as J3-2 has been a nightmare over the past few months. My Grand daughter lives on the J2 side of Coventry ,with me on the j3 side. Occasionally due to medical problems she has hospital appointments and needs a baby sitter for great great grand daughter. I've learned routes that avoid J2-J3. But i also know he back roads round L/spa as I used to do contract work in and around L/spa, and my daughter was posted to an army base near Long Marston .So as you're from Cumbria- I thought you'd appreciat any local knowledge.
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