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Default Re: Advice on this linestage build

Hello Jez,

I did not ask you for free R & D service. I asked you because I could not believe you can achieve a gain of 400 with an EF86 or an EF184 at line level.

From your reaction I now understand that additional circuitry is needed. But even than I still find it hard to believe. But hey, I am just an amateur.

About the distortion of an EF86 strapped as a triode: I find it hard to understand that an EE in audio and a Chief engineer at a (now defunct) hi fi company, like you wrote you are, needs to prove to himself that those claims were false. Furthermore I do not know of any Svetlana datasheet that claimes 0,1 % at 10 V output for an EF86 in triode mode but if you say so, it must be out there somewhere.
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