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Default Re: INS8073 - What I wanted, but never got.

NIBL and Tiny basic are very similar. One difference i found on start up was that you have to tell Tiny basic where you want to store the program by typing "NEW #1000 " followed by NEW. This way you can store several programs at different memory locations. In NIBL you can run several programs in different pages. If you don't type the NEW command, you get an error after every line you type.
The fluent overflow from basic to machine code is the same. LINK, TOP, STAT the use of @ to choose an 16-bit address are all the same. I miss Karen's "page 2" though, page 2 with it's simple assembler and abbility to show blocks of memory brings you so much closer to machine language without really leaving BASIC.
One other thing that is different: the INS8073 becomes a bit warmer than the INS8060.
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