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Originally Posted by SiriusHardware View Post
Ironically, machines like that which never really made it into the mainstream are probably considerably more valuable than run of the mill 'successful' machines like the ZX81 which sold in vastly greater numbers and are much easier to find.

Yes, I remember these - I think they were in the Argos Catalogue back then but as the above Wikipedia page mentions they weren't around for long, so are now very rare - One of many others like the Elan Enterprise, Sam Coupe etc. that made it to market too late to be a success.

Mattel had a bit more luck with the Intellivision computer games console (although I'm not sure the promised full-keyboard to convert it into a proper computer ever emerged) - But surprisingly the Intellivision doesn't seem very sought-after, as I bought one for < 10 with many cartridges and sold it for 10 after a brief play with it about 15years ago.

I did recently discover a website archive of all documents relating to the Intellivision, which has some good-colour scanned Mattel catalogues on it - And just looking in the 1983 one, it does have quite a few pages on the Aquarius (But not sure all the peripherals like the MODEM etc were actually ever released):

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