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Default Re: Gemini 80-Bus System

I enclose the winchester formatter - which maybe helpful.

Note that the GM849 electronically inverts the data before presenting it to
the zebec controller. This is compensated for by the gemini bios also inverting
the data leaving data on the correct sense on the hard disk.

The xbeaver bios does not invert the data but uses the repeat io instructions
of the z80 to send the data quickly. This leads to much quicker io but the
data stored on the hard disks is inverted with respect to a gemini system.

Also there is a sector size jumper on the zebec controller and this needs to
be set correctly.

Note files are in gemzap format. (xbeaver Needs gemini keyboard option to run - this
can be changed dynamically by pressing and holding the left control key and then press and release the right control key and finally release the left control key. (wordstar keyboard selected by swapping left/right in the above procedure).
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