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Default Pye PJ501.


So this set arrived to me in a very poor state; it looked like it had been dug out of a landfill. The owner wanted it restored, without losing its history. As such they opted to repaint the cabinet and keeps the woodworm holes. Here is a summary....

Stripped set down and treated cabinet for woodworm.
Stripped damaged, flaky veneer and all old paint.
Repaired cabinet with strips of veneer and filler.
Repainted cabinet - 3 coats.
Cleaned and straightened brass trim and refitted to cabinet.
Replaced speaker cloth.
Cleaned all the filth out of the chassis, and rubbed down to remove surface rust. Tested tuning capacitor and then cleaned and lubricated it.
Re-capped set; all waxies etc plus electrolytics.
Replaced mains cable and some odd wiring.
Identified faulty speaker/filter transformer. Ed rewound this for me - excellent job!
Tested all valves and replaced 2 valves plus magic eye with new old stock.
Replaced open circuit aerial coils on ferrite rods.
Carried out electrical insulation test.
Powered set up with lamp in series - then on its own.
Aligned IF stages.
Aligned RF stages.

Overall this took nearly 4 months and is one of the most intensive jobs I have done. The set now looks splendid and works really well on all bands!

I have uploaded a folder of pictures to my gallery for you to see.

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