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Default Re: Gfeller Trub connecting to answering machine

Thanks so much guys for clarifying this for me.
The reason for me using such old machines is because quite frankly, for all the bells and whistles new integrated phone and answer machines have they are so boring. They all look the same, like a remote control, so your answers make me happy that I can use my old equipment.
OscarFoxTrot thank you for clarifying and including a link, this is great such a financially cheap fix!
Rambo1152 Yes! I think it is a beautiful phone, very tactile and the handset is lighter than youd imagine. Maybe I should include specific instructions on the outgoing message to hang fire before chatting!
dagskarlsen, hopefully this is how it will work, its not a particularly fancy answerphone but I liked its simplicity.

Thanks again I can bob into screwfix tomorrow and get this job ticked off
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