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Default Re: Garrard record player deck identification.

The belt-drive Autoslim chassis provided the basis for Garrard to build dedicated disco decks, as was mentioned by "Ben" earlier in the thread. THANKS to him for bringing up the subject.

This was the "Disco driver 80." It had no idler wheel to flat-spot, so the drive mechanism could be engaged all the time, with AC power switched to start and stop the deck. There were no mechanism controls and probably no mechanism at all. The only controls were for speed (33/45), and the counterweight adjustment for tracknig weight. Antiskate was omitted.

Earlier disco machines had used various SP25 models.


Disco Driver 80, this is the photo posted by Ben, earlier.
A rather dusty Disco Driver 80
The same dust...and the entire dual Disco Driver 80 setup
Citronic Hawaii disco console, using Garrard Disco Drive 80
Earlier Citronic Hawaii, using Garrard SP25 Mk IV
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