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Default Re: Hacker Speaker Survey

Hi Andy,

I reckon that's a Celestion - have a look at the terminal board, I think that's the Celestion logo between the terminals and the magnet. Also, have a look at this picture:

Updated scores:
  • Goodmans with no bolts: 2 (My RP25, AM Herald RP35)
  • Goodmans with 3 bolts: 9 (3 in RP18, 2 in RP25, 1 in AM Herald RP30, 1 in Jonsters AM Herald unnumbered - probably RP30, early RP10, Helsman RP36)
  • Celestion: 2 (both Sovereign RP25)
  • Elac (large magnet): 1 (my VHF Herald)
  • Elac (small magnet): 1 (my Hunter)
Thanks again
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