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I have purchased "Black & Grey Crackle paints here in the U.S.and it said on the spray can for best results to bake item in the oven at 150-200 F for 1- 2 hrs. It produced the same finish as the U.S. military had on many items. I'd pull the chassis out of the cabinet & bake it.
Note: It DOES smell a lot. The XYL may strongly object to "HER" oven being used.
Likely a heat gun would work, and the XYL won't get into a tizzy.

When you get into the U.S. Military "CARC" paints, that's a whole 'nother ball game.
2 part, epoxy base, very fast setting. (IIRC "CARC" stands for Chemical and Radiation Coating). Most often used on aircraft and vehicles, but I have seen it on radio gear too.
Easy to I.D. as the surface feels like sandpaper, and if you happen to bark your knuckles on it, have a plaster ready. It removes skin like 80 grit sandpaper. (I still have the scars from that from working on my T925 A.M. General 6X6 5 tonner.)
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