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Default Re: Racal Dana 9916 Frequency Counter.

What is the frequency standard fitted to it?

there are three options as standard;

Option 04A (9442) fast warm up ovened OCXO
Option 04B (9421) Precision OCXO
Option 04C (11-1254) TCXO

The TCXO was only specified when the instrument was to be used with an external frequency reference, but I have found them to be pretty good into VHF use, and not drift significantly once settled at temperature.
If you wait it will stop drifting and stabilise, unless it is faulty of course.

If it has the TCXO, then an ovened oscillator will improve its stability over time.

The OCXO's are specified to stabilize after 6, and 20 minuits.

Racal OCXO's are good!

Are you sure the 2022E is not drifting?
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