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Default Re: Akai GX77 recap - which ones to change if any?

Although Akai didn't use hi-end capacitors in their machines, they seem to have preserved much better than hi-end capacitors on much more expensive machines. I've got pretty much all the big advanced Akai's and a couple of little gx77s (my only 7inch Akai reelers) and never had any problems with them. Only a few years ago the spark suppress capacitor for the power switch on our family's old gx635D went up in big smoke, so that capacitor is probably worth chancing as it tends to go short circuit/explode in smoke. It's the same type of capacitors they used for spark suppression in Revoxes and Studers. So my personal advice is unless the customer definitely wants this done on his deck, to keep away from it as they'll work well for another few years
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