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Default Re: Akai GX77 recap - which ones to change if any?

Good tip Glyn, before I started work testing caps I did a level/frequency test check on the channels with sig gen, meters and scope. Input to output with source selected was fine but with tape selected and recording, the right channel level decreased as the frequency was increased, this only occurred in the forward direction, reverse direction was acceptable. I have to say though, by ear, a prerecorded tape sounded OK but my ears are old.

This was traced to the azimuth of the forward record & playback heads not being aligned. I have to say it is not that far out as finger pressure on either head is enough to correct the allignment. However I adjusted the playback head azimuth screw only to correct this, playing a prerecorded tape seems to indicate this was the correct choice as the highs seem the same for both channels forward and reverse, I will have to obtain a suitable test tape to do a proper alignment. As record & playback seem OK I do not expect many if any defective caps

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