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Default Re: Akai GX77 recap - which ones to change if any?

Part of the recap obsession could be due to the ubiquity of Frako (lots of pro gear had them - even Neve and Studer). They often leak a green gunge which is difficult to remove. At the same time, they lose capacitance, leading to LF roll-off in series coupling circuits. I tend to replace all Frako on sight. But I have a temperature-controlled rework machine, as well as a bank of analysers. Few sights are more disturbing than a bodge recap, with the delaminated pads it inevitably involves. I tend to be quite liberal with recapping, as the unit will often be apart for other work (new pots for example), and I might as well do the caps while it is in pieces. But I agree that, particularly in the case of Japanese brands such as Rubycon, the caps can go on almost indefinitely.
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