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I did my first NVCF and thought it was excellent! I arrived at noon to see loads of people loading there cars and going in for more. I paid my fiver and could not believe how many people were there . As a newbie to this radio lark I was amazed at the numbers of sets and how cheap they were. I only bought a few valves and capacitors and an american battery radio. As I am quite a shy person I didnt say hello at the bring and buy. However, I have learnt few lessons for next time:

1. Do not leave the list of parts I need on the dining room table (I only managed to remember half of them )

2. If you see something you want-buy it ! (I went back later and it had been sold )

3. Get there early -I bet there were some great bargains to be had at the start.

Thanks BVWS for my first day away from the wife and kids in over 3 years!
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