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Default Re: The Lure of old radios

It never stops, this compulsion to improve the sound.
I spotted a pair of Coomber PA schools speakers (model 420W) and snagged them before anyone else could stop ignoring them.
I'm happy to report that they sound excellent. Maybe a little boxy, but full-throated and reasonably faithful to what they're being fed with. I'm swithering now as to whether to stick with my plan to put them in the workshop as the B speakers or to keep them in good condition in the living area.
The main workshop speakers are now a twin set of car speakers on seperate boards mounted into the wall, with the cavity being approximately half-assed guessed at the right size for them, and filled with rockwool. Only have to fit a pair of 10" bass drivers next.
The PAM TR30 is awaiting attention - I have to rig up a lamp limiter, as I've no intention of powering it up until I can be sure of it.
Progress continues....
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