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Default Re: The Lure of old radios

The second Hacker (Sov II) arrived today and it needs almost nothing done to it, apart from a clean-up and re-aligning the dial finger / pointer /thingy, it being 1/2 a MC off on VHF. Nothing show-stopping at all.
It's complete and even had a couple of decent batteries in it, but obviously hadn't been used in a while as all the controls were slightly stiff. They've freed up nicely and an annoying random crackle turned out to be nothing more than loose-fit battery studs.
The batteries have a shelf-life date of 2013 on them, so I'd hazard a guess they date to 2010 or thereabouts.
It sounds gorgeous. I'd say it has the edge on the Black Knight, but not by that much.

I notice on this one the external aerial socket has a smaller pin size than the BK (which happily accepts a standard car aerial plug), and I don't want to needlessly alter something if I can find a proper plug for it with the smaller pin.
I find that both sets absolutely shine on FM when I connect them to an indoor loop, so I'll be running cables from a master FM aerial later on. May as well use the right thing if I can find one.
On MW, the Sov pulls in stations I can barely hear on my main receiver, which says a lot for that honking great ferrite bar in there.
I would say I'm quite happy I bought these, but I'd better stop for now; especially since I started looking on ebay.germany and was intrigued to find some very interesting stuff for not a lot of money...

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