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Default A local repair? Garrard 3500 deck in radiogram Guildford

I wondered if anyone could help me.
I have a Garrard record deck as part of a newly acquired Blaupunkt Arkansas radiogram but despite my best efforts and the information on this forum I have been unable to get the deck working. There is power to it as I can hear it when I engage the idler wheel or touch the cartridge, and Ive degreased some easily accessible areas.
However, Im paranoid that my uneducated hands are going to do damage to a unit that, prior to being transported to my house, was working.
Ive phoned a couple of repairers locally who would look at it but only if I take it to them. However, to remove the deck it would appear I would have to cut the power cable so I was after a person who would call round and repair in situ.
Any advice / help gratefully received.
Apologies if that was a bit of a ramble!
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