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Default Re: Yaesu FRG 7700 not tuning past 16.000

Originally Posted by Restoration73 View Post
Select FM, and turn the squelch knob anticlockwise and a loud hiss will be audible. Turn the squelch clockwise to the point where the noise (or the weaker of two signals) disappears. Set the main tuning to obtain the least noise on a signal concurrent with a
maximum S-meter reading. Apart from when you use the set with an external vhf convertor, the only FM signals you may hear will be on the CB bands (27-28 MHz).

Yeah, I picked up a couple of CB'rs I suppose its always handy to have a few more frequencies.

BTW now the 7700 is stood flat on the desk, Im finding it a bit low for my eye level. I tried. couple of doorstops, but they are a bit slippery and slide around too much. Any cheap ideas on raising the angle a bit?

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