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Default Kenwood TS50.

good evening all, as title but this one is dead nothing happens when i/o button pressed. I have lifted filter and confirmed that supply voltage is getting to PA board.
It seems that the relay that powers the radio when i/o button pressed is non functioning, looking at the circuit diagram that relay powers up the AVR board giving 8v and 5v out, that is not happening.
i removed the AVR pcb and added power to the relay, it changes over, so that was discounted as a possible problem, i then attached supply volts to the relay contacts, i get supply volts ( 13.8v) across all 3 legs of the 8v and 5v regulators
including the ground pin, i changed the 8v reg, still the same, head now in a befuddled state, so i packed it up for tonight.
Can anybody untangle my grey cell or if they have met this problem before.
I have lost my smd caps so ordered some more but they arrive till late next week, just in case 1 or more of those have died, 0.1mf and 10mf 25vw electrolytic's.
As usual any and all advice greatly appreciated, Snowy
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