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Default Re: Kolster-Brandes MR10

Conscious of the fact that this restoration may attract the attention of the "Thread-Length Police" I'm very eager to push on to a successful conclusion. To save the sanity of Forum members who have contributed here I went back and re-read all the Posts as I had forgotten which capacitors associated with the Tone control had been changed i.e. C39, C43 and C44 (Trader Sheet).

1. This was way back in Post #120 "I tried different values of capacitor across both C43 (0.003μF) Part tone control and C44 (0.01μF) Tone correction but this made no discernible difference, at least to my ears?"

2. And in Post #146 "The Service Sheet shows C39 as 0.02μF although what has been fitted in my set is 0.001μF. On the assumption that Kolster-Brandes made this change for good reasons (?) I'm going to replace like for like ..."

In relation to Point 2 above I decided to replace the 0.001μF with a 0.022μF as per the Trader Service Sheet. It's also shown as C34 0.02μF on the K-B Museum circuit diagram. Why I didn't try that earlier I'll never know - probably because it appeared to be a K-B factory fit!

What a difference that has made to the tone which has now been, what I would describe as, normalised!

Could this be that successful conclusion - final reassembly over the next few days ... !
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