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Default Re: Temco Clock Movement Dismantling Question

Hoped it might help someone. I often take pictures as I go for my own benefit, makes re-assembly so much easier if you get stuck.

I did manage to damage the face slightly under the hubs of the hands in the process of removing them. Despite using cloths to pad the leverage. Has to be said I don't have proper hand pullers as I'm not really a clock person.

All in all I'm pleased with the results and might give the cabinet some Danish oil.

While I believe the "tick" noise was due to a worn motor shaft, I did oil the shaft at both ends as best I could. When I first run the clock after I finished, the tick was still present.

After some time this has stopped COMPLETELY, and its run silently since. Perhaps the heat from the motor got the oil to flow to the right place. Either way it runs smooth as is seen by the rotation of the arrow wheel, before the work you could see a slight stutter to it.
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