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Default Re: Temco Clock Movement Dismantling Question

Hope this is of some interest of use to anyone who encounters a similar clock.

Well I got the hands off. Both were push fit. The hour hand required a little more effort - it has a collet (?) on it which is pushed onto a brass fitting only accessible underneath the clock face. Which of course needs the hands to come off to remove. I had to use a small terminal screwdriver and get it between clock face and movement and get it into the gap between the black collet and brass fitting to lever it away.

I will post some of the pictures I took in the process of the clean and relubrication, including a video of the movement running - pre clean and full of gunk!

The whole mechanism was dismantled, the cogs, bearings and worm gears cleaned thoroughly with alcohol. Clock oil was used on all bearings, light lithium grease on the worm gears and "3 in 1 Motor bearing oil" (not the regular stuff) used on other parts, including the motor.

As seen in the video the motor shaft is clearly a bit worn, and unfortunately it seemed impossible to dismantle it for further investigation. I oiled it as best I could and put it back.

I noticed the wires for the motor had cracked and insulation was brittle and damaged. For this I decided to carefully pull off the insulation and sleeve over it with silicon sleeving. This was mainly for safety concerns, I.E if the insulation began to break away more it could cause the metalwork of the clock to become live.
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