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Default Re: Switched Mode Power Supplies

The link to Horowitz is very useful - thanks MrB.

As already inferred in posts above, my sources for parts are the usual ex-PC and UPS devices so the TL494, SG3524/3854 etc are bountiful at the moment!

I dug up an old magazine that described an SMPS intended for in-car use, driving a high power audio amplifier setup. 12V input, +/- 35V output at around 200W which, with a modification to the secondary winding, may be a suitable starting point?

Is there a rule of thumb to determine maximum power in the transformer core? Some so-called 350W PC power supplies have transformers that are less than half the size of transformers found in 200W supplies.... I dread to think I'll have to test the core for saturation/frequency etc.
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