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Default Re: Snell & Wilcox standards convertor CVR22

Originally Posted by evingar View Post
A general comment about Standard Def video equipment is that it now has very little commercial value. I felt the full brunt of this nearly a decade ago when I worked for a company that serviced Quantel "legacy" equipment.

In a very few years we went from being able to charge considerable sums for repairing very expensive professional equipment to the requirement for repairs at any price ceasing completely.

The likes of S+W studio equipment are in the same category. You should be able to pick this stuff up at "hobbyist prices" with a little patience. The problem may be repairing it if it goes wrong. If it's like the Quantel equipment, it will be chock full of manufacturer specific ASICS and programmable logic
I think I know the company you used to work for. When we got rid of a shed load of Quantel kit we offered it all to ‘your’ firm at no cost. But your firm did not want any of it because you had shedloads of your own and didn’t want any more thank you very much!!!

As you rightly say, very little monetary value in this sort of kit.
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