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Default Re: Bush Dual standard chassis.

1973 date code on that lopt Dazz.
I must admit I didn't find those plastic overwind Plessey transformers any better than the tar one.
Plessey were a superb company that supplied transformers and component parts to the whole of the TV manufacturers. That plastic overwind turned up in many chassis including the Thorn 850, Decca and many others including of course the later 640 RBM chassis, all of which we all know was not very reliable. The good bit, they were not expensive or difficult to replace.
I was never a great enthusiast for the RBM chassis introduced between the TV125 to the 640. probably just a sign of the times with those touchy hybrid models including the TV161GU that was a wolf in sheep's clothing! It's many years since I have seen any of that series. John.
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