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Default Re: Rusbridge's Auctions: 2 CANCELLED

I have not given up on the idea of the South auctions, but I would need to sort out the problems which have scuppered the current arrangements. There's more than one problem to address.

In the last month or so, auctions I've been involved with (not just old radios) have shown poor or very poor results. The buyers are not spending as they do usually and some openly admit to battening down the hatches until they have more confidence about the financial and political future. Many sellers (including radio people) don't want to get involved in the current climate because they see a lack of confidence and predict poor results.

Running an auction is a lot of work for very little money even when you can find some stuff to sell and some people who might want to buy it. Add in some more fairly intractable problems which would result in working even harder to lose even more money, and it's time to call a halt.

I'll leave it all alone until the current jitters subside and a more positive attitude prevails. Meantime I can work on some of the problems I might actually be able to solve. Top of the list is shifting my current dose of man-flu.
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