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My memories
Deptford: Garlands, Bi Pak next door I think, RF industrial down the road towards New Cross same side, Opposite there was Greenwelds (who later went to Southampton, but I never got there-sadly).. anyone remember the massive old Mill that was near Greenweld's and the old cinema I think it once was?
Tott Ct. Road: Z and I (Millions of 10X crystals) and Proops
Chapel St, Ralphs (mostly transformers)
Edgware Road: H.L Smiths who made excellent aluminum custom and pre-made boxes and always had that big old black and white TV blasting away (I loved that place), also Henry's,
Lisle St: G.W. Smith (always moaning about the rats in the cellar)
Kingston: Southern Surplus (old Steptoe always had loads of 19 and 62 sets),
Crystal Palace/ Croydon - Anerley?: Huggets- always had endless goodies at great prices
Acton: Bonex had a crackin' shop near the station- most helpful indeed,
Croydon: A.J Bull (later in Hove),
Bromley: Richardson's components, really crackin'shop,
Lincoln: Birketts (still going I believe),
Worthing: GWM Radio in Portland Road.

I am sure I have missed some, but, all great times.
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