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Default Re: Radiophile Auction - 8th December 2019

Hi Graham, as you know i pay a yearly subscription charge for the PDF catalogue as a few other people do.

Question... when my subscription runs out later this month will i need to carry on paying my subscription for the PDF catalogue for the forth coming 12 months or is it going to be free from now on??

Just a bit confused as to what is going on with it now being available for all to see for free both on here & on the Radiophile website, i know there was a mishap with the printer at Jo's end prior to the last auction & that you had to put it on the Radiophile main page as an emergency measure,but this month all has gone to plan & i received the catalogue for this Sunday's auction last Thursday.

Basically i just want to know if i need to renew my PDF subscription later this month as otherwise there is point in me paying if it is going to be free in the public domain from now on.

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