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Default Re: Non-working Commodore PET 3016

Just had a quick look at the code in the article linked to in #496 - the code looks like a good core starting point for an eprom reader although as written it prompts you for a single binary address to read and outputs the data read from that one address in 'ASCII binary', if I have correctly understood it.

You'd need to put a counter loop around that so that it reads all the addresses from 0 to 4095 inclusive and maybe arrange it to output the byte values as Hex(adecimal) rather than as binary, and possibly as ASCII as well because that will show you any plain text it finds - in the BASIC PROMs especially there is likely to be quite a bit of plain text.

If you've bought an Arduino Mega or clone then quite honestly the Arduino sketch in the article which Slothie pointed to in #478 is virtually oven-ready, you'd just need to alter the number of bytes it reads down to 4096, otherwise it is just about ready to go.
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