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Default Re: Museums section?

Originally Posted by kellys_eye View Post
On a similar line - how about a section devoted to individual makes/models where the posts can only be related to 'things to look for when restoring....' or 'replacing the....' or 'common fault symptoms...' etc.

No replies allowed - only informative details, pics etc.

Many DIY-style forums I frequent have similar 'pinned post' sections.
A while ago I thought about suggesting something similar but as an excel spreadsheet. There would be a tab for each model with pictures, details of faults, details of components not obvious from Trader sheets etc. Basically whatever is relevant.

Whenever someone makes a post and manages to solve a problem with a particular model, they would be encouraged to add their experience to the spreadhseet for future reference. Likewise anyone starting to restore a particular model could download a brief summary of known faults.

I'm not sure how much appetite or need there would be for this. Not much to do with museums anyway so maybe needs a new thread if people are interested?

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