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Default Forum email addresses

Please ensure you have a valid email address set up here so that you receive PM notifications and thread subscription notifications etc.

If your email address is invalid this results in emails being returned as undelivered. If this happens too much it can affect the reputation of the forum email domain which can impact delivery of emails to other members.

If you do not want these emails from the forum you can switch them off in the "Edit Options" and "List Subscriptions" sections in "User CP". This is much better than just setting an invalid email address.

Also if you have a valid email address you can reset your password yourself if you need to, without having to contact us to sort it all out.

I have sent PMs to a number of members this morning who have invalid email addresses that have caused a significant number of undelivered returned emails in the last couple of weeks. Hopefully with those updated there will be a lot less.

However there may be other members with incorrect email addresses who just haven't received any email from the forum recently. So please check yours now, unless of course you are receiving expected emails from the forum.

If you need any assistance please PM me or one of the mods.

Thank you!

Paul Stenning
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