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Default Re: PAM 710 volume knob wanted

Originally Posted by Pamphonica View Post "scrap" set has the earlier non-tunable LW and dials that are identical to the 710.

So Phil, the options for the Black Country Living Museum PAM710 are:
- I take the knobs from my one (older) version of the Pye set, the scrap set, as long as they agree to come off! These are the most misted but are usable. Also the best match probably if they are used together, but will need a bit of scratch-removal to clear the dials.

I would slightly favour the first option, so as to keep the working sets intact...

Hi Jeremy,

As a Blackcountryman would say, "Yo've cum up wi' a bostin' idea theer!"

That is a really generous offer, thank you very much, and we would be delighted to have the knobs from your scrap Pye set. As far as I can tell, the inner portion of the volume knob is fixed in position relative to the cabinet, and the outer transparent knob actually rotates. On our set, the outer part is snapped in half, but the inner part is complete with the legend "OFF" - "VOLUME".

Probably the best bet is for you to attempt to remove the knobs from your set, and post in this thread once they're off. I will then contact you by PM to arrange postage etc. I'll send you a return postage-paid Jiffy bag to make things simple.

Our Researcher is going to be so chuffed! If nothing else, I'll get you a couple of complimentary tickets, and the fish & chips will be on me!

Thanks again,

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