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Default Re: PAM 710 volume knob wanted

Paul, very interesting post.

I just checked my three P123BQs and I had never noticed, but two are LW-tunable and the other (my "scrap" set) has the earlier non-tunable LW and dials that are identical to the 710.

So Phil, the options for the Black Country Living Museum PAM710 are:
- I take the knobs from my one (older) version of the Pye set, the scrap set, as long as they agree to come off! These are the most misted but are usable. Also the best match probably if they are used together, but will need a bit of scratch-removal to clear the dials.
- I take the knobs from one of my two restored working sets, and you use those (better knobs, with brights), but less original-looking.
- You wait till a set comes up at auction (my third set cost only 10, recently)

I would slightly favour the first option, so as to keep the working sets intact, but do very much want the museum to have their working 710 restored, so I'm willing to do either option. The key thing is to restore the vastly rarer 710 so people can see and hear it!

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