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Default Re: Are there any cassette machines in current production

Originally Posted by G6Tanuki View Post
Someone's clearly still manufacturing cassette-mechanisms in quantity.

Pragmatically, I can appreciate the superficial ease-of-use benefits of compact cassettes for ad-hoc recording (along with the deeply-frustrating lack of a decent inbuilt track-labelling/fast-search facility) but can't really see the market for 'serious' cassette-decks returning.

Last 'serious' use I made of any kind of cassette-recorder was one of the little Olympus mini-cassette voice-recorders - and that was nearly 20 years ago!
For me, it is far easier to record concerts and drama from FM radio onto cassette than into my PC for some sort of digital recording....whether I keep it on the HDD, burn a CD or transfer to my phone. It is a faff. Far more so than popping in a blank cassette, setting the levels and recording.

The lack of track/index really isn't an issue as I almost always listen all the way through. However I do feel I am unusual in this regard.

I even prefer to use a micro cassette recorder at work for certain tasks. When doing an audit of my chemical store or lab cupboards I prefer the micro cassette machine as the physical buttons are there and don't disappear after 60 seconds of inactivity...the machine doesn't suddenly decide I've finished and finalise the file. In those circumstances the linear nature of cassette recording is great....and I have audible fast search.

I do accept that for most people these "features" aren't relevant though. Very few people record cassettes to listen in the car these days. And sadly most people think cassettes sounded bad.

I've even found an advantage to using my walkman on my work commute...the volume isn't limited as it is on my phone. Really enjoying cassettes i made years ago.
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