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Default Re: Black oxide coating on brass

I used to use M&B Amfix, which fixed in 2 mins, as the 10 min time of ordinary fixer was the bottleneck in processing prints. I normally used to do well over 100 prints in a session. I actually read the leaflet that came with it, and noted they recommended the two bath approach, where you kept separate A and B solutions. 2 mins in A, followed by 2 mins in B. This meant that if A became exhausted during a session, B would complete the fixing. When A tested as exhausted (by failing to clear a scrap of undeveloped 35mm leader), A was discarded (or put aside for plating), B became A, and a fresh solution was made up for the new B. This ensured that the maximum life was squeezed out of the relatively expensive Amfix (which I used to buy in half gallon bottles for economy) and ensured that I never had any problems with prints deteriorating due to incomplete fixing. It also meant that my exhausted fixer was absolutely saturated with silver.

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