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Default Re: The Mongrel Valve NBTV

Originally Posted by AdrianH View Post
Hello there.

You peaked my interest in the NBTV with your comments on my Youtube channel. I am still working on the home made 405 line TV, but I did look at the forum you mentioned and could well venture into the field at some point. I have a few questions if I may?
Hi Adrian No worries i have to try 405 line some time as well ,another on my to do list !
I think i have to have another go at a second 405 line CRT as a flying spot camera for a signal test card such ...i am not clever enough for standards converter and rather go old school which is more fun for me .

I have a Hackrf-one and found some software that I use called HackTV this can generate various narrow band systems: -
30-am = No colour, 12.5 fps, 30 lines, AM
nbtv-am = No colour, 12.5 fps, 32 lines, AM

as well as the system used on some of the Apollo missions, so I am hoping this can be used to test anything I may build later.
MMMi have never heard of Hack tv i will have to have a look i use FreeNBTV which you can adjust it to any line rate frame rate with in reason always need to take into account its all in Audio bandwidth of your PC sound card so thats the real limit even if the line a frame rates can be outputted at what ever ..i think it can do FSC as well but not tried it .
latest version can be found on this page no instructions but read the pages and it will sink in .
Gary M older software here viewers and such for 32 60 line
And of cause Dom B NBSC which does many standards more so in colour

Steve Anderson has posts up on the Moon mission TV system may be of interest

Australia seems to be the centre for NBTV interest, is it used over amateur radio and how well does it match with the SSTV systems out there?

Watching your project with interest.

Stay safe.
Well Yes there was a lot of early mechanical television interest in Australia still a few hard core fans like me chris long Troy walters ..i think this you tube video will answer that Question .

BTW if you are on FB my early television channel here

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