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Default Re: The Mongrel Valve NBTV

Hello there.

You peaked my interest in the NBTV with your comments on my Youtube channel. I am still working on the home made 405 line TV, but I did look at the forum you mentioned and could well venture into the field at some point. I have a few questions if I may?

I have a Hackrf-one and found some software that I use called HackTV this can generate various narrow band systems: -
30-am = No colour, 12.5 fps, 30 lines, AM
nbtv-am = No colour, 12.5 fps, 32 lines, AM

as well as the system used on some of the Apollo missions, so I am hoping this can be used to test anything I may build later.

Australia seems to be the centre for NBTV interest, is it used over amateur radio and how well does it match with the SSTV systems out there?

Watching your project with interest.

Stay safe.

Asking questions and learning, or trying to!
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