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Default The Mongrel Valve NBTV

HI all i am working on a valve low def Monitor this time 32 line baby steps for me with Valves hollow state tech !
I am happy with the input video inverter ,video amp, and 2 Phantastron time base oscillators ...
I used the 2 Phantastron oscillators from this monitor Chris long made in the 70s nothing else from this circuit.
I have used a few sync separator circuits only one with promise has been the transitron sync separator...but very touchy i am not sure but the phantastron oscillators are hard to sync and have to be set up every time and levels and such.
Has any one got a NBTV Valve sync separator circuit the out put for the line looks messy but does sync the line oscillator the framing i am still working on .
I am going to use it with a 3bp1 in time but working on the circuits here first before trying to hook up the CRT .
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