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Default Re: 'THAT' Capacitor. What is it?

That's fine if you know what you're doing and have fault finding skills, but many newbies don't. They're convinced that if they change all the capacitors in a set they'll get it going without the need for so much as a test meter. Often they'll change capacitors in the RF and IF sections having values of a few pF, spoiling the alignment. There's also great scope for fitting the wrong value capacitor and introducing wiring faults. I've done both myself

"In changing a capacitor I dislodged a wire. Where does it go?" is a frequent plea for help.

The main fault may have been something as simple as a dodgy OFF/ON switch, which is easily repaired or it might have been an open circuit transformer winding which could render the set BER. These faults could easily have been found with a meter without the need to apply power to the set.

It surprises me that some newbies are willing to change any component because they think it may be faulty, but won't take a few resistance or voltage readings.

As for record players, the simplest two valve amplifier seems to defeat some people even though they're given sound advice on testing and repairing it.
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