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Default Re: The Thanks Thread

Thanks to Mike (Cobaltblue) for passing on some rather nice old meters to me, including what appears to be a genuine aftermarket AR88 signal meter ("genuine aftermarket" does seem like an oxymoron, though).

Also thanks to Phil G4SPZ and another Mike (Gridiron) for effecting the transfer to RWB of a BC348 chassis for me (an item that would surely have 99% of the general public muttering, "Get rid of that grubby old junk- fast!"- but is actually a very useful source of some very specific spares including output transformer/filter choke module, power/mode wafer switch and 350k/20k ganged gain pot for the cosmetically good but incomplete set here). The meters and chassis gained the British Heart Foundation a donation.

With Mike Barker's entertaining-as-always piloting of the auction, Mike Lewis's usual eclectic and useful stall and a chin-wag with Mike Izycky, a day positively flooded with Mikes!

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