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Hello all,
Rediffusion also had a factory at Dale Mill, in Rochdale.
I worked for Rediffusion in various places, but when I was Senior engineer at Surbiton, I used to visit Chessington quite regularly. I managed to scrounge enough parts to build a complete colour TV, it was a real hybrid using Bush CTV 25 line output, Rediffusion tuner & I.F., and Thorn decoder! I learnt a lot putting that lot together. The cabinet was a prototype, and came from RVS Chessington's 'Model Shop'. That was a fascinating place. They had a great cabinet department, and built me some L/s cabinets to my spec., nicely veneered in teak, to match the home-made TV.
Later I moved on to Top Rank Television, where we had a reciprocal agreement with Rediffusion to use a modified version of their TDUK 2 system (wired). When The MK1 Colour came out, I built a jig using a damaged MK1 cabinet & chassis, & became the 'chief board repairer' for our hotels division. It became very boring!
Happy days,

Well done on the restoration,

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