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Originally Posted by slidertogrid View Post
The Decca CS1810 1830 were very similar in appearance they were very popular as rental sets as was the Telpro which was 20". Same circuit but totally different layout.
I remember the Telpro sets, I saw a couple of them in the late 80's. I will try and dig out the photo to see if anyone can ID the set we had as it's always intrigued me. It had a fault with the line hold which only showed up from cold in the morning (when I wanted to watch cartoons), finally locked after 20 minutes or so and stayed fine all day after that, even when switched off for a while. The repair men couldn't locate it as it always behaved when the engineer called and in the end my dad got fed up and sent it back.

I don't think it was a Decca, but I may not have seen all the variants.
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