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Default Re: Ferguson 204 XL wireless

Thanks John. Yes, I too think all the valves would have been American types. What do you think would have been fitted as output valve and the signal pentode?

In other sets with American valve line-ups the output valve would often be a 6V6. EL33 seems to be pin equivalent with KT61, so maybe that. I guess a beam tetrode could be a direct replacement for a pentode. Most often the suppressor grid is internally hard wired to the cathode. Of course that spoils all the fun you can have with a pentode - thinking of my favourite oscillator; the Miller Transitron! 6V6 looks to me to be pin compatible with EL33/KT61.

When I get space on my bench (currently occupied by a Sony KV9000) I'll have a look and see if I can see any solid state detectors.


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