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Default Re: Pulsynetic master clock: question about gravity arm roller.

At last I have been able to make a small video showing the play in the roller and the way it contacts the pallet.

I couldn't figure out how to upload it here so I placed it at the following address:

If I make the 'X' adjustment mentioned by M0FYA Andy I will certainly be able to get the roller to clear the pallet. However after doing that there remains the question of whether the amount of "play" observed in the roller is normal or not.

How does the roller play on mine (seen in the video above) compare to others out there?

[ P.S. I also attached an image here which shows the current Y clearance. Because the stirrup design is slightly different from the one in M0FYA Andy's diagram, it's not clear whether the ideally Y-clearance is measured in my clock as the distance from the top of the gravity arm to the nearest face of the stirrup, or if instead Y represents the distance which the stirrup should have to move to cause disengagement. I suspect its the latter as the smallest amount of movement the best. At present the point of the stirrup in contact with the gravity arm has really a long way to go (with my clock as currently set up) -- more than 1.5x the thickness of the metal of the stirrup. It `feels' to me like less than half that is needed. ]
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